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Specifically, government officials in the U.S. and Europe are pushing to ban strong encryption technology. They want every type of Internet security to have a "backdoor" so that governments can access literally everything. Here's the problem: weakening encryption will actually make us all less safe. Even if you trust governments to never abuse this system and only use it in the most extreme circumstances, once a backdoor exists, it can be used by anyone who can find it, including criminals, other governments, and yes, even terrorists. - Fight for the Future

When you make a credit card payment or log into Facebook, you're using the same fundamental encryption that, in another continent, an activist could be using to organize a protest against a failed regime.
In a way, we're implementing a fundamental technological advancement not dissimilar from the invention of cars or airplanes. Ford and Toyota build automobiles so that the entire world can have access to faster transportation and a better quality of life. If a terrorist is suspected of using a Toyota as a car bomb, it's not reasonable to expect Toyota to start screening who it sells cars to, or to stop selling cars altogether. - Nadim Kobeissi

Like the laws of physics, encryption is also written in mathematics. All information can be expressed in bits: a series of ones and zeros. Through decades of pain-staking research brilliant cryptographers have figured out how to take a random number (called a key) and a collection of organized bits (such as an email, or a video, or a PowerPoint slideshow) and scramble them, using mathematics, to end up with another set of bits that's indistinguishable from random. [...]
The fact that encryption is possible is one of the marvels of our universe and of mathematics, the language that our universe is written in. - Micah Lee

I wait for the moment when all cryptographers will be criminals - Me or You.